Untitled-9Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Services

  • Provides quality care to the critically ill child and is in-house 24 hours a day

  • Cares for pediatric patients from newborn period until 18 years of age with various disease processes/conditions, including respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, neurological, orthopedic, surgical, and trauma

  • Collaborates and consults with multiple healthcare professionals to provide excellent and thorough patient care to every patient

  • Obtains medical/surgical histories, performs physical examinations; orders, performs, and interprets diagnostic studies and tests

  • Acts as the team leader in pediatric emergency/codes in the hospital setting

  • Strives to maintain patient/family normalcy during the hospital stay, even with the most critical patients, by involving child life/behavioral medicine with every patient admission

  • Sedation for both outpatient and inpatient MRI/CT scans and minor inpatient procedures

  • Pain management for pediatric inpatient care unit

  • Provides continuing education, in the form of lectures/handouts, for healthcare personnel/transport team

  • Teaches Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) classes to healthcare professionals

  • Lectures medical students and pharmacy students from University of Florida, Nova Southeastern, and University of Vermont

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Information

Untitled-10The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a division of Kidz Medical Services, provides treatment for critically ill patients from newborn to 18 years of age. It is under the direction of a board certified pediatrician with many years experience with critically ill children. Our team includes both pediatric intensivists and nurse practitioners who are specialized in pediatric critical care. While in the PICU, each patient receives an individualized plan of care daily and we encourage patients and family members to be involved in all aspects of their child's stay. Our group is committed to the care and safety of your child while hospitalized.
Untitled-11Child life specialists are specialized individuals that support the emotional and developmental well being of hospitalized children. They help to decrease the fear and anxiety that a hospitalized child might have by providing therapeutic, developmentally appropriate interventions. Some of these interventions include distraction activities during painful procedures, such as IV starts, medical play, hospital tours, procedural preparation books, and medical puppets.

In addition, behavioral medicine therapists are available to provide psychosocial and emotional support, as well as counseling, to children and their families during their hospitalization.

Child life specialists and behavioral medicine therapists work closely with the nurses, physicians, and nurse practitioners to provide a less stressful time while a child is hospitalized.

Our pet therapy program is another diversion activity that we provide. Volunteers of the hospital bring their own pets to visit children and their families, on a regular basis, in the PICU for a much needed break and laugh.

The Quantum house is a place that provides temporary housing and emotional support to families of critically ill hospitalized children, who may reside far away from the hospital. They are located on the hospital's campus which provides the reassurance of being close to their hospitalized child. For more information on this "caring place to call home", please visit their website at www.quantumhouse.org.

PICU is an acronym for the term Peditaric Intensive Care Unit. 

Pediatric Intensivists
Pediatric Intensivists treat children from birth through the teen years. They choose to make caring for children who are very sick the core of their medical practice. Their advanced training and experience prepare them to give children in PICUs the unique medical care that they need.