Kidz Medical Services, Inc. offers pediatric and neonatal careers in South Florida.

pediatric and neonatal careers in South FloridaKidz Medical Services, Inc. (KMS) is a well established group practice that has been providing neonatal and pediatric subspecialty healthcare in South Florida for more than twenty years. Kidz Medical Services is one of the leading providers of neonatology and pediatric emergency room services in South Florida. Additionally, Kidz Medical Services provides a wide variety of neonatal and pediatric subspecialty services. Kidz Medical Services has locations across South Florida, including Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, and Collier counties. KMS values its employees, who are of the highest excellence. KMS focuses on premier education, in-depth and quality training, and a respectful and caring attitude.

Kidz Medical Services offers a wide variety of opportunities for pediatric and neonatal careers in South Florida. KMS employs physicians, advance practice clinicians (neonatal nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants), technicians and office staff.

Although Kidz Medcial Services is a large group, it maintains the feel of a small family business with a supportive and respectful ambiance. This ambiance improves our medical services, which is further enhanced by including the patient and their families into this nurturing environment.

There is a wide array of career opportunities with KMS. Multiple specialties and positions are being recruited for this rapidly expanding group in South Florida. For more information on pediatric and neonatal careers in South Florida, including neonatology, pediatric ER and pediatric specialties, please email us at or click the link below to submit an employment enquiry.


Kidz Medical Services is always interested in adding neonatal and pediatric physicians to our various specialties. We have careers available for physicians who are interested in joining our neonatology division that practices in various levels of neonatal care at hospitals throughout South Florida. In addition to neonatology, our other pediatric specialties are always excited to add physicians. Specialties include: pediatric cardiologists, pediatric pulmonologists, pediatric neurologists, pediatric surgeons, sleep specialists, pediatric intensive care physicians, pediatric hospitalists, pediatric emergency room physicians, pediatric hematologists and oncologists, pediatric nephrologists, pediatric urologists, and pediatric gastroenterologists.

Advance Practice

Kidz Medical Services employs many advance practice clinicians (neonatal nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants). Advance practice clinicians practice various levels of neonatal and pediatric care at diverse hospitals. Kidz Medical Services empowers its advance practice clinicians to reach their full potential in a variety of settings: level I, II and II newborn intensive care units, pediatric intensive care units, pediatric emergency care, and pediatric subspecialty offices.

Technicians and Office Staff Opportunities

There are many areas of employment opportunities in a variety of pediatric services. Kidz Medical Services employs hearing screening technicians, sleeps specialty technicians, doctor’s office workers, and medical billing office staff.


South Florida beachCompetitive employment packages for a variety Neonatal and Pediatric careers in South Florida

  • Full-time employment opportunities offer an excellent compensation and benefits package and some positions include profit sharing
  • Part-time flexible positions also available
  • All positions offer flexible scheduling and strong collegial relationships
  • Positions may be available in multiple South Florida locations, including Miami-Dade, Broward, St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Collier County
  • Educational/training opportunities
  • Some positions offer yearly allotted compensation for continuing education
  • South Florida offers diverse housing options and excellent school systems. The current real estate market makes this an opportune time to purchase a home in South Florida.
  • Florida has no State Income Tax
  • Although this is a very desirable area of Florida, KMS can accept a physician on an H1 visa