sam-2“We never dreamed the birth of our first child would happen this way. I had a completely healthy pregnancy with no signs that I could deliver prematurely. In fact, we skipped those chapters in our readings! At 27 weeks and 4 days, we gave birth to our beautiful son, Sam, weighing 2 pounds, 10 oz and 14 3/4 ” long. To say we were terrified is an understatement. We had absolutely no idea what had gone wrong, what to expect and how our tiny little guy would survive. The moment we walked in to visit Sam and met the wonderful NICU family, we took a sigh of relief. Each time we visited with our son, the Neonatologist on staff would stop by and discuss any concerns, progressions, and things we could expect. The nurses were kind, compassionate, and very informative. Between the Neonatologists and the Nurses, they shared the health risks associated with prematurity, along with how they would give Sam the support he needed to overcome each of them. They experience this on a daily basis, for us it was all so new. They gave us great hope that Sam would grow to be a strong, healthy baby…but not without some ups and downs along the way. The hardest thing was leaving Sam each day, but we knew we were lucky to have such a miraculous group of people to care for him.


After 55 days, Sam was discharged weighing 5 1/2 lbs! We had made such a “home” with the NICU family, we know we could have never made it through without the Love and Support that they gave Sam. Our appreciation for what they gave us will continue to go un-matched. We continue to visit them as much as possible, so they can see Sam grow…this is the best gift we can give to them.” – Sam’s Mom & Dad